Sometimes the last chapter is only the beginning

A Nation Out Of Time opens where Darkline leaves off, with Lisa Webb wakening to a seemingly new life of love after almost being the target of a Northside drug gang hit.

Meanwhile, her friend Cara arrives home to find her boyfriend and drug dealer John Noonan dead from an overdose of cocaine, sparking off a string of horrific events for all involved.

When news hits Lisa, her new life begins to be shaken to its very core.

Slowly she’s drawn back to an even bigger and more complicated mystery surrounding a third code found on the police files of the murdered youth leader Jason Bailey.

In between the unfolding story is the tale of Mark Murphy who takes up the mantle from the now deceased John Noonan. Mark has a ruthless, self-absorbed plan to make fast millions, get a BMW, buy his dream house and then marry the lovely Emma Ryan.

Added in to this mix are the reappearances of criminal boss Darryl Casey’s Northside gang, who are drawn into sharp conflict with the rival Hanly Gang, led by the notorious Hanno.

With tension building, Lisa must choose between keeping David and her pursuit of the truth behind a string of strange dreams and signs regarding the banking crisis, church sexual abuse reports and the deadly growing drug problem here in Ireland.

Could Lisa be approaching something greater than anyone in Ireland ever imagined or even dreamt of?

This is the story of A Nation Out Of Time.

A Nation Out Of Time is the third book in a series from the pen of Skerries Author Patrick Bentley.