Some lines should never be crossed

Meet Lisa.

She’s young, she’s attractive, she’s a schoolteacher. She lives life to the full with her close circle of friends in the seaside town of Skerries, County Dublin.

Every weekend, however, they dabble in the socially acceptable drug, cocaine. Somewhere in this heady mix Lisa is also hoping to meet Mr Right. But one coke-fuelled night turns into a nightmare, setting off a string of bizarre events that takes Lisa face to face with the terrifying truth behind Ireland’s cocaine problem – a problem that may ultimately cost her her life.

With time running out and all of her friends turning against her, she befriends a quiet loner, David Salle. For five years he has been investigating the history of Ireland’s drug culture, and he is convinced there is more to it than meets the eye.

Along the way there is romance, intrigue and even a cold-blooded murder. There is the constant struggle not to succumb to addiction. There’s a strange note that ends up in Lisa’s pocket, and a series of mystifying codes that even the police can’t break.

The pace quickens as the net closes in on the culprits, who ruthlessly plan to dispose of the key witness, Lisa. The plot twists back to the dawn of time itself and leads to an unexpected and terrifying ending.

Forget what you thought you knew.

This is it.


DARKLINE is the second book from the pen of Patrick Bentley.

His debut work, JAGGED HALO, outlined his own troubled past, including a period of drug addiction which almost cost him his life. In a no-holds-barred retelling of his own experiences, he attributes his recovery to a miraculous intervention, and his critically acclaimed story is a salutary tale for all.