Fair-well to a Father, a friend, a legend.

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Words failed us all this week as we tried to come to terms with the incredible sense of shock and sadness at the sudden loss of one of our dearest of friends.Paul Puilt Carroll.

That friendly smile and instinctive laugh will not be heard again at the bike racing, and one wonders will life ever be the same with out this rare loveable character to make us all laugh between the races.

I Know That…. By Sharon Bentley-Reilly. Wrote last night for Paul Carroll, family and friends.

I know there’s a place in your hearts for me
This day is the hardest as day’s can be
There will be many tears falling down our checks
And minutes and hours will feel like weeks
But I couldn’t hold on any more I had to enter that open door
Don’t be afraid to cry your tears
Let them fall release your fears
To all the ones i loved so much
to all the hearts i have ever touched
Remember me when i was there
No struggle, no worry, not even a care
wipe your tears from your face as you go to leave this place
I’m free of pain and I’m off to fly. Like the sound of a bike i may one day pass you by!