Foreseeing a new Heartbreaking Novel.

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A writer once said if you don’t get emotional at what you write, Don’t go expecting your reader to grab for the hankies.

As a writer I’d say one of my gifting’s is the ability to foresee the events in a story well in advance. that’s not so pleasant as it sounds, as it may be a murder or a horrid abuse of someone that is now in your head as real as a real life event.
But to be able see chapter ten while penning chapter two it a real blessing and makes writing some what easy on me. Some one told me its a natural born gift to be able to do that. If you can imagine watching a movie in your head that’s yet to be even made. That’s the way it is.
You see the raw horror and sadness the faces as real as you and me unfolding in the storyline in a living picture format.
You have to then try deal with all this emotion and action racing around in your mind every day till you finally get down and pen it out. But as soon as you have that out the rest of the book is very raw and very much with you. When you do get a chapter down. strangely it stops playing that part of the storyline and you come up for air.But no sooner are you breathing fresh air when suddenly a few new bits flash in your thoughts. you go back add them in and it’s then your free to move on. but just for a moment.

Another part of the gift is been able to see how the whole book gels into one big story from beginning to end.
Something what happens in chapter two, appears again in chapter five then again in chapter seven. and everything has to fit perfectly in the end. that aspect of writing really and truly blows me away. I don’t for a second understand it. maybe your not meant to are you?

Then you have to work to time it for the reader. That is a very important part of any book. Trying to jump out at your reader just at the right time. surprise and try your best to shock them. I’m still learning!

Maybe the most important part of all is to know what makes us humans tick at the deepest level of life. how to tap into the heart of a reader is always at the forefront of my thinking.
And finally and most importantly,trying not to be become over come with the fear of what you write about. Remain free and real to yourself at all costs. You may as another writer quoted. You may feel alone. but if your security isn’t so rooted in man, no amount of rejection can in the end over power you…Maybe the secret of life is in that statement! Happy New Year friends.