Nation out of time. 5 out of 5.

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A Nation Out Of Time seems to be getting better reviews than Darkline, going on early comments and reviews.
‘Brilliant read.’ – Don Baker.
‘Impossible to put down, great read, leaves you speechless. The characters are so real it makes you feel like they’re your friends. Clever twists, amazing story.’ Aga, Skerries.
‘Mark Murphy story was incredible, so well written. Another classic.’ Matt, Rush.
‘I thought you wouldn’t better Darkline but you did. A Nation Out Of Time is truly an amazing read.’ Barry, Balbriggan.
‘10 out of 10… Mark Murphy was the best character. Savage storyline.’ Sam, Skerries.
‘Very romantic in parts, but Mark’s and Emma’s story was your best writing to date. Class! 5 out of 5.’ Brian.
Many thanks for the feedback. Incredible. x