Out of the ashes

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It is with a great sense of joy that at last I have my own official website. It’s been a long time coming.

In a strange kind of way I’ve always felt my journey to becoming a successful author has had many profound yet simple, unnoticed landmarks to mark the turning of the next chapter in this story of my life as a writer.

The latest landmark was again a simple yet profound moment that happened on August 21st 2015, in Raff’s on the Corner in Skerries, Co. Dublin, at the launch of my 3rd book, A Nation Out Of Time.

Singer and Actor Don Baker, whom we hired to perform, had just finished a song. But some of the punters were still chatting away, only half listening. Suddenly Don stood back, took a few deep breaths and nodded to me. He then burst into a song that sounded like a cry, a peculiar battle cry.

Everyone was now spellbound, mouths hung wide open as Don lifted the rafters of Raff’s pub. For me it was a deep and personal moment, yes another landmark.  I knew I had definitely picked the right singer, with the right song, to seal a magical night. The birth of A Nation Out Of Time!

Ironically the weekend fell on the eve of the anniversary of the death of Michael Collins. Who is featured in the storyline of this book.

I hope and pray that our young people out there will be inspired by my story.

Sometimes in one’s life time we get a very important calling. A calling you’d never imagine or dream you’d be granted. Maybe like me you may have to be pulled out of the dead ashes of some dark pit of total despair to hear that call. A place where you feel everything is now completely lost. No hope whatsoever. Behind you, a long string of lifetime failures,

And that dreaded shame that you’ve hurt too many people to ever find forgiveness; in such carnage every sense of dignity is well and truly lost, if there was ever any to begin with.

Now 8 years later I have a new hope, and a brand new dignity. And with it a burning desire, placed there personally by the hand of God himself. I call it the fire. The fire that never sleeps!