A Nation Out Of Time


Sometimes the last chapter is only the beginning…

DARKLINE told a gripping tale of 23 year-old Skerries school teacher Lisa Webb. When Lisa walked away from a life of cocaine, she lost all her friends – and even a contract on her life. But finding her true path in life and falling in love with her soulmate David convinced her that life was now complete at last, and she could happily sail off into the sunset.

But life is never that simple…

A NATION OUT OF TIME takes Lisa on yet another painful and dangerous adventure. Even at the risk of losing David, she attempts to find out what's behind a mysterious third code found on the file of the murdered Jason Bailey.

Crackling with bizarre incidents and horrifying dreams, and with the malevolent, drug dealing gangs ever lurking in the background, A NATION OUT OF TIME touches on Ireland's great banking, religious and government disasters.

Why did they happen? And why now?



This is the story of a nation out of time, the third book from the pen of established author Patrick Bentley.

It follows on from the hugely acclaimed DARKLINE, which in turn is a must for anyone who’s read his first book THE JAGGED HALO, a painful yet triumphant autobiography outlining an abused childhood which led to a life of petty crime and drug addiction, and finally to deliverance.

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