The Jagged Halo


Sometimes it takes a miracle to find out who you really are…

Patrick Bentley has been to hell and back.

In this autobiography, he pulls no punches in telling us about the underbelly of Irish life.

This is the story of an abused child struggling for normality in the town of Skerries in the early 70s. It’s about an early life of crime that led to being locked up in a reform school run by Christian Brothers, leading to abuse, fear, isolation and no sense of identity.

It’s about a teen finding a place to hide in the voice and music of Gary Newman… a search for a soulmate, leading to forbidden love… to Jesus…

A journey through the world of drugs and beyond the painful story of the jagged halo.

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The first book from the pen of Patrick Bentley, the autobiographical The Jagged Halo.