Who Do you think you are?

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Some years ago I came very close to entering into full training to become a counsellor. But it was a venture I felt wasn’t for me, so I went on to pursue a life as a writer. But I did enough study on the subject to learn some truths about how the emotions operate in the human heart.
One of the many areas that took up my attention was the painful need some folk have to be accepted by friends at all costs. The awful sense that we must avoid any form, or hint of rejection by those we hang close with! This horrid controlling fear will not fail to lead many into all kinds of painful forms of extreme measures that must be played out in order to fit in with what everyone else is saying,doing,thinking.
Over time you will find you can’t think clearly for yourself without checking in with how this may affect your friends,You’ll hide it well but you’ll become nervous at their reaction to a bright new idea you may have come into contact with, maybe something you read! some opinion that you sense isn’t the norm.
What all this leads to as it matures inside you over time is a lack of self-worth, identity and true individuality and leaves you living in fear from ever trying to come out from under the circle others have placed around you.The test is. . .
Who would I be if I lost everyone, lost all of my friends, lost everything in the morning? Would I still feel safe, still feel loved, still feel my warm smile appearing on my face?